Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics is not just for children and teens. In fact, 1 in every 5 patients in orthodontic treatment is an adult. No one is too old for orthodontic treatment.

Adults seek orthodontic treatment for many of the same reasons as children. Some adults had orthodontic problems as children but were unable to correct them until now. Others, who had treatment as children, may need further treatment as adults due to relapse or limitations in initial treatment.

Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

Adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment in many ways. These include:

  • Align the teeth to create a more aesthetic and beautiful smile
  • Correct relapse after previous orthodontic treatment due to lack of long term retainer wear
  • Improve the ability to brush and floss, especially for crowded or overlapping lower front teeth
  • Create a better or more comfortable bite and ability to chew
  • Address missing teeth
  • Close spaces between the teeth
  • Reduce excessive wear on the teeth due to grinding or poor bite
  • Jaw surgery to correct discrepancy between the upper and lower jaws.

Appearance of Braces

Many adults are concerned with the appearance of braces. Often, Invisalign® (The invisible alternative to braces) can be used to treat adults. This technology involves clear removable aligners, fabricated through advanced 3D imaging to align the teeth. For more severe problems, we have the option of clear ceramic brackets instead of metal.

Cost of Treatment

The fee for adult orthodontic treatment is determined the same way as child or adolescent treatment. It is based on the severity of the problem, the complexity of the correction, and the length of time to correct. For adults, we offer different levels of treatment based on your goals. Dr. Manzella will review your particular case to determine if you are a candidate for aesthetic treatment of the front teeth only, or if full comprehensive treatment is indicated to correct your bite.

We offer customized financing with low monthly payments, and at Manzella Orthodontics, there is never a price difference between traditional braces or Invisalign!

Time Spent in Treatment

Most adult cases can be treated in as little as 6 months. Dr. Manzella can monitor your treatment progress using Grin remote monitoring technology. As much as we enjoy seeing you in the office, we know your time is precious! We are pleased to offer this option for fewer in-office visits.

It is never too late to gain the smile you have always wanted! Contact us today to get started.