Which Family Orthodontist is Right for You?

When looking for an orthodontist, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Price, location and staff are in everyone’s thoughts when looking into an orthodontist near them. With so many choices in the Western New York area, why should you choose West Seneca Orthodontists? Dr. Kathryn E. Rand and her staff are professional and friendly, making them the best choice for your cosmetic dentistry needs!

Our Philosophy

Dr. Kathryn E. Rand and our orthodontic team take our patient relationships very seriously. Here at West Seneca Orthodontist, we want you to feel comfortable! Having braces or any kind of tooth aligners is a giant commitment. We enjoy learning about a person’s life and interests, and hearing the latest news when they come for their visits.It brings us a lot of happiness to create beautiful, healthy smiles for our patients as they become our friends! So why not go to an orthodontist that will make you feel like like a valued, close friend?

Our Treatments

Another great thing about Dr. Kathryn E. Rand and her staff is that each patient is treated like the unique individual they are! At West Seneca Orthodontist, there is no cookie-cutter treatment options. Each patient is given a course of treatment that is as unique as they are. Our staff is passionate about creating treatment options to suit any budget or lifestyle. Delivering personalized treatments, based on a patient’s unique needs, we gently move a patient’s teeth into proper alignment, improving their oral health and creating a beautiful smile.

Our Knowledge

Along with this positive and upbeat environment, West Seneca Orthodontist is a great family orthodontist because they are well versed in their field. The doctors at West Seneca Orthodontist are experts in their field. They are using the latest and greatest technologies to make sure your treatment plan is fast and effective. We want you to have the best smile you can, as quickly and as painless as possible!

Choosing Dr. Kathryn E. Rand as your family orthodontist is a great choice when looking for an orthodontic team you can trust. This local team serves all of Western New York and all their orthodontic needs! We look forward to working with you to get you a beautiful new smile as quickly as possible! Everyone here looks forward to meeting you and starting you on the path to an amazing smile! Please, call today.

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