How Invisalign Works With iTero Digital Impression System

At West Seneca Orthodontist we utilize iTero Digital Scanners for our treatment programs. You might be wondering what the heck iTero Digital Impression Scanning is. You’re not alone, and we aren’t surprised, that’s why we like to use our blog to help potential patients better understand the way we do things. Here is a little more information on how the digital impression system can correlate with Invisalign braces.

First off, what the heck is iTero Digital Impression? Well, in the past, we would have to start off the treatment with a goopy, sloppy, and uncomfortable impression. This is the step at which we figure out the full arrangement of your teeth. Using a tray and putty impression system is very unpleasant for the patient, just ask anyone who’s had braces. Luckily, we go with the digital impression system, which is faster and much more comfortable.

The iTero captures the structure of your teeth using a laser, which renders a 3D digital image instantly. Using a small hand wand, the orthodontist will scan the teeth and tissue of your mouth, and as your treatment goes on, the 3D images enable you to see the progress of your teeth each time you come in! The digital screening system can be used for any kind of orthodontic treatment, but it works very well with the Invisalign system.

When you start your Invisalign treatment with the digital scan, you are 7x less likely to have fit issues. The iTero scans are also posted 50% faster than for traditional impressions. There are also 10x fewer rejections of iTero scans than traditional scans. It is extremely accurate in depicting every nook and cranny, and because of that, it enables fewer, shorter visits.

The most fun part about the digital scanning, you can even see how your teeth may look at the end of the Invisalign treatment! The iTero system has a special feature called The Invisalign Outcome Simulator, that shows you how your teeth will move over time throughout the treatment. Are you interested in learning more about Invisalign or Invisalign Teen? Give us a call or stop in our offices anytime! We are always looking forward to our new patients!

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