Who’s Who? How to Choose an Orthodontist in Your Area

You may already know some of this info if you have been a patient with us before, but it’s always helpful to know for people in your circle. Taking the first steps to get braces for yourself or your child can be very nerve-wracking. You are already worried enough about the physical and mental demands you’re planning on getting into, now who the heck are you going to choose to provide you with this big step? For this post, we want to talk about some of the first steps in choosing an orthodontist near you.

Research, Research, Research

Make sure you look toward orthodontic specialists and not general dentists who are performing orthodontics. Specialization is key when it comes to the field of orthodontics. You want to find someone that is constantly immersed in the practice and does it all the time. It is a very difficult and delicate career so you want to be able to have confidence in a professional that does it full time. A general dentist, typically, will always end up referring you to a professional orthodontist.

View the Website & Reviews

These subtle and often looked over aspects can be crucial. The practice can sell itself in the best light but more times than not the consumer is the most honest and critical of the practice. Being that everyone seems to speak their mind on the internet these days, you should be able to get a good idea on them through social media. Since current patients are the ones receiving treatment, take into account their voice, after all they are ones that are getting the work done on them. Do patients look happy? Does the staff look happy? No one likes a stuffy office!

Meet with the Orthodontist

If you think you might have found an orthodontist that meets your criteria, the last step would be to just go meet them. Set up a consultation and make sure you ask the right questions! There are no such thing as bad questions! The more genuine and caring the Dr. and staff are, the better your experience will be. Before you commit to becoming a patient of this orthodontist you are going to want to discuss things like approach to treatments, costs and insurance coverage options.

Oral health is not something to be taken lightly. Your teeth serve such an important function in your life and they should be taken care of with extreme care. Here in Western New York you should only trust the best and that means becoming a patient of West Seneca Orthodontics. Check us out on www.westsenecaorthodontics.com or give us a call (716) 675-0155 to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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