Incognito Mode | What Are Lingual Braces?

In past blogs we’ve talked a lot about the different teeth straightening options available to you.  There’s metal brackets, ceramic braces, clear braces, removable braces and even hidden braces.  If you aren’t too familiar with orthodontics you probably had no idea there were so many different kinds of braces!

This variety is great and allows orthodontic patients the ability to select what type of braces will be best for them.  This month we wanted to talk a little about lingual braces because they seem to be the least well known option out there.  If lingual braces don’t sound familiar, you might recognize them by another name as they are more commonly referred to as incognito braces.

What Are Incognito Braces?

Just like the name implies, incognito braces are made for stealth.  It’s hard to hide traditional metal brackets because they are right out in the open on the front of your teeth.  The term lingual braces refers to any straighteners placed behind the teeth where they are concealed from view. Functionally these braces do the same thing as traditional brackets.  They are secured to the backs of the teeth and apply consistent pressure to reach the desired alignment.

How Do Incognito Lingual Braces Compare?

Since incognito braces work the same as traditional braces, it makes sense that they yield similar results.  Of course the length of treatment will vary from case to case but on average lingual braces will take around 12-18 months.  Lingual braces will be uncomfortable at first and may take some time to get used to. It’s also important to stick to a thorough teeth cleaning regimen as it can be easy for plaque to build up if you aren’t careful.

Who Are They Right For?

Like any of our treatment options, lingual braces have their own pros and cons.  For the most part, patients who opt for incognito braces do so because they think normal braces will be too noticeable.  This can include adults who think braces are for kids, teens who think braces will ruin their social life, and kids who can’t be trusted with removable braces like Invisalign.  Whatever your reasoning might be, incognito lingual braces will keep your treatment a secret.

Here at West Seneca Orthodontics we pride ourselves on the variety of treatments we offer.  Whether you’re looking for traditional braces or stealthy options like incognito braces or Invisalign we’ve got you covered.  To get started with an orthodontic treatment, give us a call today or fill out an appointment request on our website!

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