Invisalign Removable Braces | Unparalleled Convenience

Many people, adults and teens alike, want straight teeth but think getting braces will be too embarrassing.  A lot of orthodontic patients choose Invisalign braces because they are basically undetectable. In fact Invisalign clear retainers are the most popular stealth braces option on the market.

This is the most publicized benefit that Invisalign braces offer but there is another that is even more significant to your day to day life.  Because Invisalign braces are removable, they offer an unmatched level of convenience. This has extraordinary implications when it comes to eating meals and keeping up with your teeth maintenance over the length of your treatment.

No Food Restrictions

Getting metal braces will be a big change and it can be difficult to get accustomed to.  This is especially true for young people who are all of the sudden hit with a list of foods that they can no longer eat.  More often than not this list includes a lot of their favorite “foods” including many sticky and sugary sweet candies that would otherwise get stuck in their brackets.

On the other hand, Invisalign retainers can be easily removed during meal times so that you can avert this disaster.  You’ll be able to eat all the “anti-braces” foods, like popcorn, candy, and nuts, without having to worry about it getting stuck or ruining the straightening process.

Invisalign Diet

Though you can remove your Invisalign plastic retainers, you need to wear them for around 22 every day for the treatment to be effective.  This allows the typical patient enough time to eat 3 meals a day without their aligners in. Only eating during meal times, when the retainer is removed, will help cut out the empty calories of “snack time.”  This is known as the Invisalign diet because it’s not uncommon for patients to see mild weight loss thanks to eliminating unhealthy snacking.

Simple Teeth Maintenance

One of the more annoying parts of wearing metal braces is keeping up with your teeth cleaning.  The brackets can make it hard to clean your teeth thoroughly and can sometimes be the direct cause of cavities.  Because Invisalign braces are removable this is no longer an issue. When you pop out your retainers for a meal, simply give your teeth a solid brush and floss before your aligners go back in.

At West Seneca Orthodontists we’ve noticed Invisalign braces becoming a more popular option each year.  Simply put, the convenience of these removable braces is unrivaled by anything else available on the market.  If you want to get straight teeth with minimal hassle, Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners are definitely the way to go.  For more information about getting started with Invisalign, give us a call to set up an appointment today!

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