My Retainer Doesn’t Fit Anymore!

Everybody looks forward to the day when they no longer need to wear braces.  Unfortunately for some, when that day arrives they aren’t exactly off the hook.  Whether it’s Invisalign, incognito braces, or traditional wire and bracket braces, wearing a retainer will likely be required at least for a little while.


Every orthodontist in Buffalo NY knows how important wearing a retainer is to the teeth straightening process.  However, most patients, especially kids, underestimate this and tend to be a little casual when it comes to wearing their retainer.  If a retainer is not worn regularly or not taken care of properly you could find yourself wondering why your retainer no longer fits.


Why Retainers Don’t Fit

The most common cause for a retainer that a doesn’t fit is patient error.  Traditional wire and acrylic retainers can be pretty fragile. We often see retainers that have broken from being dropped, stepped on, chewed by pets, or even by being taken out wrong.  


Another retainer malfunction has nothing to do with the retainer at all. Patients sometimes don’t wear their retainers as prescribed and their teeth can move back to where they were before getting braces.  It’s crucial to follow your orthodontist’s instructions exactly about how to use your retainer.


Here’s a helpful list of things to keep in mind that should spare you from having to get a broken retainer replaced.

Retainer Do’s and Don’ts

  • Wear your retainer at all times as your orthodontist has prescribed.
  • Be sure to remove it before eating.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal and brush retainer at least once a day with toothpaste and brush.
  • Always store retainer in its case when not in use.
  • Don’t clean with hot water! High temperature water can result in warping; use lukewarm water instead
  • Always bring your retainer to your next orthodontist appointment so we can make sure it’s still a good fit.


What to Do if Your Retainer No Longer Fits

If you put your retainer in but it feels too tight don’t panic.  If it still fits and isn’t too uncomfortable, start wearing it as prescribed for a few days and see if the fit improves.  If it still feels too tight or doesn’t fit at all, don’t hesitate to call or visit Dr. Rand, your Hamburg NY orthodontist, to get it readjusted.


West Seneca Orthodontics

We know how annoying wearing braces can be but in the end it’s worth it.  Don’t throw away all that hard work by not wearing your retainer once your come braces off.  Our team at West Seneca Orthodontists is ready to help you get that smile you’ve always wanted.  Stop in to see how your family orthodontist in WNY can help you today!

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