Our Invisalign Teen Superstar Sami

“I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb with braces, and Invisalign was prettier.” – Sami, 16

Looking for more information? You came to the right place!

So, if you found yourself on this page you probably got one of our fancy postcards in the mail and you may have just seen an introduction on our beautiful new Invisalign Teen Superstar, Sami.  We wanted to take this time to introduce her to you further, because her treatment is helping a lot of our current patients understand the Invisalign treatment process, and it can help you as well!

Sami started treatment with our office in September of 2014.  She decided Invisalign was the best choice for her simply because she didn’t want to change much of her lifestyle.  Sami recently turned 16, she’s highly active in her school activites and sports, and she didn’t want to be held back by traditional metal braces. Invisalign is clear, virtually samiinvisible to everyone else, and that is a huge reason why people choose this treatment option.  However, that is just the beginning of the long list of benefits.

  • Invisible
  • No emergency appointments, poking wires, broken brackets
  • No food rules (eat whatever you want!)
  • Less appointments
  • Shorter appointments
  • No impressions (we use a 3D scanner instead)
  • No change to oral hygiene routine (take them out to brush/floss)
  • No adjustments = no sore mouths after appointments

It’s clear to see why Invisalign is a popular choice among patients at Dr. Rand’s office.  Not to mention the fact that Dr. Rand has had over 14 years of experience with Invisalign and has had hundreds of successful cases!

If you are interested in a FREE consultation with our office about Invisalign to see if you qualify, you can call our office anytime at (716) 675-0155.  You can also request a consultation right from this webpage.  We are here to help you, please call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

**Still have more questions?  Check out the Invisalign section of our website: http://www.westsenecaorthodontist.com/invisalign-info

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