Stealthy Straightening With Inspire Ice Clear Braces

One of the most common questions raised by orthodontic patients is: How will braces affect my appearance?  A lot of effort has been put into developing viable alternatives to those metal brackets that many find unappealing.  Several companies have made great strides in disguising their braces so that patients can get their teeth straight without feeling self conscious.

In the past we’ve talked a lot about Invisalign and incognito braces.  This month we’d like to discuss another stealth braces option that we have available.  Inspire has manufactured a nearly invisible type of ceramic braces which they call “Ice Clear Braces.”  Here’s a little info on these braces and why they might be the best option for you or your child.

Best Of Both Worlds

For years, wire and bracket braces were the tried and true method for any kind of teeth straightening.  Other methods like Invisalign look great but aren’t always suited for extreme cases. The great thing about Inspire Ice Clear braces is that they blend performance with aesthetics.  They use the proven straightening process of traditional braces and their clear plastic frames make them almost undetectable.

Comfortable Fit

Though Ice Clear braces work the same as metal brackets, they are still very different.  A lot of new orthodontic patients find metal braces uncomfortable and might even cut their lips before they learn to adjust.  Inspire’s clear braces are made of ceramic and are rounded so they are less intrusive. Many orthodontists hail Inspire’s braces as the most comfortable method for teeth alignment.

Crystal Clear Braces

Though Ice Clear Braces function well and are comfortable, their biggest selling point is their discretion.  They’re made using a completely transparent ceramic so they’ll blend in with any shade of teeth. Additionally, the material is stain resistant so they won’t lose their stealthy appearance over the length of your treatment.

Dependable Material

Don’t be deceived about the strength of these clear braces just because they’re made from ceramic.  Obviously metal brackets will be stronger, but ice clear braces are no cheap plastic. A broken bracket is still a rare occurrence and you have no reason to worry about these braces needing to be replaced before the end of your treatment.  In fact, Inspire’s clear braces are still hailed as the most durable ceramic braces option on the market.

Before you decide what type of braces you want, be sure to discuss it with your family orthodontist in Buffalo.  At Kathryn Rand Orthodontics we’ll help you find the best straightening method to fit your needs. Check out our website to see the treatment options we have available and set up an appointment today.

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