Summer Foods that Won’t Beat Up your Braces!

Now that summertime is here, all the yummy foods we love are back in season. When you are looking to enjoy these tasty snacks this summer, you could actually be putting extra wear and tear on your braces. Your friends at West Seneca Orthodontist, we want you to be able to keep your braces in tip-top shape, while you enjoy those tasty summer treats. We have made a list of braces friendly food, and foods you should probably ditch this summer.

Ditch: Corn on the Cob

This tasty summer snack is a broken bracket waiting to happen.

Do: Corn on the Cob, off the cob!

You can still enjoy the taste of corn, just without the cob! Taking the extra few minutes to cut away the corn from the cob will save your braces a lot of hassle!

Ditch: Candy Apples

These guys are a great treat in the summer months but are a nightmare for your teeth. Even without braces, the harden cinnamon and caramel will be stuck in your teeth for hours. Your orthodontist will thank you for staying away from these this summer!

Do: Watermelon

When you are craving a fruity snack, reach for some watermelon slices! They are way healthier than a candy apple, and the soft melon is totally braces safe. Their juice actually has a benefit as well, because it helps wash away acids and food particles in your braces! Just steer clear of the seeds!

Ditch: Salt Water Taffy

This ooey-gooey treat is definitely a summertime staple. But, it is awful when you have braces. That sticky sugar will be stuck in your brackets, or could even pull them off your teeth!

Do: Chocolate

Instead of the hard taffy when you’re craving sugar, try chocolate! It melts quickly, and won’t stick to your teeth or braces. It also won’t tug on your wires or brackets!

Choosing these summer foods will help you have a fun-filled summer with fewer trips to the orthodontist! When it comes to braces, the more care you put into them, the better off you will be in the long run! At West Seneca Orthodontist, we are here for all of your questions and concerns about your new braces. We understand that the transition can be hard, so we are the orthodontist near you that treats you like family! We serve the entire Western New York area with the friendliest Orthodontics team! Call us today to set up a consultation so you can have a brand new smile sooner!

Stay tuned to our blog for news, information and interesting facts about braces, clear aligners, and much much more!

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