Treat or Trick? | What Candy Can Be Eaten With Braces This Halloween

If your child had to get braces at some point this year, by now they’ve probably realized how that will affect this year’s Halloween festivities.  Many children have the idea that all candy is off-limits while wearing braces. While it’s true that a lot of candies and treats can damage your braces, there’s plenty of braces friendly options available.


As a parent, you don’t want your child to miss out on the best part of this holiday. However, you also don’t want to have to make an unplanned visit to your local Buffalo NY orthodontist.  To make sure your child’s smile is safe this October, your family orthodontist in WNY, Dr. Rand, has compiled information about what treats to eat and what your child should definitely avoid.


Dangerous Treats for Braces

Chewy or sticky candies are the number one culprit on this list.  These snacks are good at getting lodged into any cracks or crevices between your braces and teeth.  This can result in bent braces wires and will definitely cause increased plaque buildup as well. You should avoid everything from taffy and caramel to Starbursts, jelly beans and even candy corn this fall.


Hard candies can also be dangerous.  Accidentally biting down on a hard candy can cause braces to pop off.  Avoid things like jawbreakers, jolly ranchers and lollipops. Your child should even avoid popcorn as there’s always a few unpopped kernels floating around that can cause serious trouble.


Treats Safe to Eat

Despite all the restrictions there are still loads of delicious treats that don’t beat up braces, including chocolate!  Pure chocolate is soft, easy to chew and will melt away in your mouth without sticking to your teeth and braces. Chocolate bars without nuts, Hershey kisses, and peanut butter cups are a few treats that are perfectly safe to eat with braces.  


Additionally, a fun and helpful idea is to encourage your child to trade candy with their friends to swap out the harmful candy from their bag.  You can also buy “safe” candy ahead of time to exchange with your child once the night is over so that you don’t literally have to take candy from the baby!


At Dr. Rand’s office, we love candy as much as anyone.  We’d hate for your kids to miss out on the fun but we’d also hate for that fun to cause problems with their braces.  Remember these tips and teach your child what they should and shouldn’t eat this season. If you have any other braces safety questions don’t hesitate to call Dr. Rand, your friendly Buffalo NY orthodontist.

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