Retainer Warranty

Congratulations! You did it, you have a beautiful new smile (short pause for happy dance).

Now time for a reality check: after all that hard work and all those appointments, your teeth may still shift if you forget to wear your retainers! Do not forget to wear your retainers!!

Luckily, all MO patients get a free set of retainers INCLUDED with treatment.

Was your retainer lost, broken, or abducted by aliens for research? Fear not, you can (and definitely should) get replacements.

Let’s say you (maybe) sometimes, forgot to wear your retainer, or you wake up one day thinking- my teeth have mysteriously shifted and I’d like them back to where they used to be! That’s what Family for Life means- text us to learn more about our Touch-Up Options for quick, lower cost, realignment of your pearly whites.

MO Retainer Warranty Program

If you want some added protection, consider joining our totally optional (but a really good idea if you tend to lose, forget, or break things, own pets, travel, go to restaurants…you get the idea) retainer program.

How it works:

  1. TEXT us what you need replaced.
    1. Ex.) “I just outran a cheetah, but I lost my upper retainer in the chase, can you make me a new one?”
  2. Stop in and pick it up at no additional cost.